Pinup or erotic art, Fantasy art, portraits, illustration and fine art commission work done
to suit your tastes in fantasy, design and size using your own photographic references, your
imagination or mine!   The process starts by E-mailing me and telling me what you want and
sending any photos you would like for me to see or work from.  You can also choose your
favorite model or just describe your vision.   Once I see your photos and determine
if they can be worked from or get an idea of what you would like to see in your artwork
we would then go over all the specifics.  I will be asking questions along the way
so as to get your work right for you.  All photos must be clear and at least 600x800
in size with no shadows obscuring the detail that I need to be able to see.  Grainy or fuzzy
photos, photos taken too far away or full of shadows are not good to work from.  
And if you want the person to look like the person that you want me to paint I have to be able
to see facial details very well.   I can also create something from a description so feel free to go wild!
Once all the details are worked out I would need a $200.00 deposit to insure commitment to the
project.  If I cannot get the artwork to your liking the deposit will be returned.  I will notify
you when I would be starting the work and from that point it will take about 4 days to complete.
 Starting times are dependent upon how many commissions I have going ahead of yours.
 Payment can be made using Visa or Mastercard, money orders or personal checks.
 Other payment options are also available.
After the work is completed I will send you a photo of the piece for your approval.
 Any changes would be made then.  Some things can be changed after the work is complete and
some cannot.  I can work in sizes from 11x14" up to 30x22". Pricing depends upon the size,
whether background images are involvedand the details involved in the work.   Shipping costs
depend upon the size of the work and if it's US shipping or international.   Once I know what's
involved I can give you a price.   Feel free to mail me regarding your commission ideas and I
will send you a more detailed letter with specifics.  Also feel free to send any photos you would like
for me to see and we can go from there.      Thank you!  Barbara

All artwork is Copyright © Barbara Jensen. All rights reserved by artist. Any and all publishing and reproduction
rights are reserved solely by the artist. The artworks on any of the following pages are not to be re-distributed,
copied, imitated, or misappropriated in any way. Thank You!