Barbara Jensen Terms Of Use

COPYRIGHT OFFICE # 1-237249791

These terms apply to all graphic hobbyists being signature tag makers, stationary and web set makers, website designers and MySpace or other social network users. You are required to read, understand and abide by these terms when using the artwork of Barbara Jensen.


1. No tags made using a Barbara Jensen tube may exceed 72 dpi.

2. You MAY NOT share tubes or images in anyway be it via email, disk, file sharing sites, through groups or any other known methods of file sharing. This is illegal. No Barbara Jensen image, composition or product may be sold or bartered or used for profit or "break-even" endeavors in any way.

3. All Barbara Jensen images must have ©Barbara Jensen, plus your Barbara Jensen License # clearly legible. You may place your own credits on your tag but you cannot place a © symbol next to your name. When using my images for webpages or tutorials you must have the © Barbara Jensen, the URL of and your Barbara Jensen license #.

You cannot place another url on the tag other than the unless it is required by a photographer when using photography with Barbara Jensen art. See tou #15 for more on photography.

4. All illegal use of Barbara Jensen images must be reported to
Bobbie Seacrist at
All reports will remain anonymous.

5. You may use only the Barbara Jensen tubes that you own and have paid for. If you have been using Barbara Jensen images for which you currently do not have a license they may not be used. Please delete them from your files.

6. Barbara Jensen images may not be used in any commercial endeavor. To find out about commercially licensing artworks, please contact Barbara directly at

7. Barbara Jensen images may not be printed in any way, shape or form without a contract. Online use only. You may not use Barbara Jensen images to make any sort of product whatsoever to make a profit.

8. You may not add elements to the images such as wings, hats on their heads, clothing to their bodies or have them holding things in their hands like umbrellas or swords etc..... anything like this would be altering the artwork. You may not tube elements off of any of the artwork such as wings, tails or parts of the outfit as this would
also be considered altering the artwork.

9. You may not blend Barbara Jensen tubes with any other artists images but you may make images containing more than one Barbara Jensen licensed image.

10. You may animate any part of the Barbara Jensen image as long as the image remains recognizable. You may add twinkles, blinking stars to the image or the clothing. You may make her eyes blink and can make the image "Breathe". You may also animate the arms, legs and hair as long as the art remains recognizable.


All photography allowed with Barbara Jensen art including stock and free use photography. You must follow the TOU of the photographer. If they require credit and/or their website URL it must appear on the tag.
When combining Barbara Jensen's art and photography that requires credit you must display copyright information like this:
Artwork©Barbara Jensen
Photo©photographers name or website address
If no credit is required then just make the tag as usual.

12. You may colorize Barbara Jensen's art if you know the proper way to do this. You may turn a color tube into a B&W.
You may change a B&W tube into a monotone color.

13. Brushes may be made from Barbara Jensen tubes for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Brushes must be treated as tubes which means no sharing and you must have a license and own the package that the tube came from. When making a tag using a brush you cannot use the brush alone.
The actual image that the brush was made from must also be included in the tag.

14. When using Bryce or Vue background renders that you have created yourself you may add Background Render © Your Name.

15. All tags using Barbara Jensen's artwork must have something written on them. A name,Welcome, Thank you, Hugs blank tags.
No blank headers but side border stats may be blank as long as credit & license # are applied.

16. Only accents are allowed that do not require © or credit. Examples are Outlaw by Design,Rainbow Coffi, Monti etc.... Accents that require credit and © are not allowed.
When using scrapkits that require credit you must put Scrapkit by TheirName.
No © or url for scrapkits are allowed.

17. Barbara will allow your group or website to have a Donation Button as long as a donation is NOT a requirement to join your group or to have access your website and as long as the website is not a commercial site or contains any paid membership options. You must contact me first and allow me access to your group or website.
E-Mail me here

18. No alphas can be made using Barbara Jensen's artwork for the purpose of sharing, selling or downloading. You may make letters/numbers for your own individual use on tags but you must only use my work in the tags where you are using the alphas. You may not use alphas made with my work with any other artist as that would be considered mixing artists. And you may not use the alphas alone without using Barbara's art in the tag
as the art would not be recognizable as Barbara's if just used as an alpha.

19. may not chop the heads off of my tubes or images to pass out or to use to make "dolls".

20. You may use my work in avatars, AVS. When using my images in the 150x150 sized graphics you must put the © Barbara Jensen and your license #. You do not have to add the url on graphics of this small size.

21. You may not use Barbara Jensen images or tubes to decorate commercial websites where items are sold.
Examples are....tourney sites, blogs, auction pages, your own personal website where you sell items. A commercial license must be obtained to use Barbara Jensen art on "for profit" websites.

Have fun!

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